1. PETŐFI IRODALMI MÚZEUM / Petofi Literary Museum / Petofi Literaturmuseum


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Tel. (36-1) 317 3611, Fax.: (36-1) 317 1722
Contact Person: vicedirector: Ms Csilla Csorba

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Number of titles published in 1998:
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The Petofi Musum of Literature is the central museum of the whole Hungarian literature. It was founded in 1954 and has occupied the Károlyi palace since 1957. The Museum’s main tasks involve collecting, doing research on and preserving manuscripts, books, pieces of art, cassettes and reliquies of Hungarian literature. There are not only permanent exhibitions in the representative halls of the Károlyi Palace but temporary exhibitions as well. In the last decades the Museum has been renowned for its publications (bibliographies, catalogues of manuscripts, iconographies) and for research carried out by its employees. Researchers are welcome to the Museum’s archive and library. The Museum is a member of the international organisation ICOH ICLM.



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