TÓTH Könyvkereskedés és Kiadó Kft.


Address of Publishing House:
4034 Debrecen, Huszár Gál u. 31-33. Tel./Fax: (36-52) 450 861 , 410 561
Contact Person: Csaba Tóth
E-mail: tothbook@mail.matav.hu

Year of Foundation: 1996
Number of titles published in 1998: 100
Number of titles published since foundation: 280

ISBN: (963) 9161

Tóth Book Trading and Publishing Ltd. publishes books primarily for children between 3 and 18 and for their teachers. It brings out coloring books, workbooks coaching for school, books of verse and stories for the smallest ones. Handbooks for teachers, study- and teaching aids, dictionaries, exercice books, pocket encyclopedias, and English and German conversational handbooks make up a considerable part of the publishing activity. It pays attention to publishing books which help teaching mathematics, history, Hungarian grammar and literature. Handbooks helping the successful entrance- and final exams are intended to the young people who apply for higher education. Besides the books, it also produces and sells approximately 100 puzzles.



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