Address of Publishing House:
4025 Debrecen, Piacz u. 45. Tel.: (36-52) 416 704, (36-20) 9 677 097 Tel. in the shop: (36-52) 314 984 Fax: (36-52) 430 471
Contact Person: dr. János Mazsu
E-mail: jmazsu@dragon.klte.hu

Year of Foundation: 1988
Number of titles published in 1998: 18
Number of titles published since foundation: 500

ISBN: (963) 260

One of the Csokonai Press’s main areas is the publication of leading Hungarian and international literary works, the other is to publish books of authors of Eastern Hungary. Its publishing profile also includes sociological writings and textbooks, while its historical and cultural publications are widely used in Hungarian schools and universities. Currently Csokonai is preparing for publication English and German-language editions of two Hungarian best selling works of Marcell Jankovics (Mythology of the Tree, The Book of the Sun), while also seeking partners for a seven-volume, up-to-date Concise Hungarian Historical Library, to be made available in English and German.



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