he Kommunales Kino and the Frankfurter Filmmuseum is showing an abundant selection of Hungarian movies during the Frankfurt Book Fair.

By choosing the movies various goals are set to be achieved: to make a historical overview possible on the one hand, and to present as many different film categories and directors as possible. Among other things documentaries, a selection of Hungarian silent films and movies on Budapest will be made available for the public to see. In addition, awarded works of some famous contemporary producers will be shown. The programme also includes some less known and rarely shown movies that have not really been presented abroad. Such works include for example A Glass of Beer (Egy pikoló világos) by Félix Máriássy, which was made in 1955, or Bitter Truth (Keserű igazság) that was produced by Zoltán Várkonyi in 1956.

At the same time there will be an exhibition on the history of Hungarian film-making, too. The visitors among other things can see some Hungarian film posters. Two important bilingual publications will appear at the Frankfurt Book Fair that describe the history of the Hungarian film industry. They are the Films from 1931 to 1998 - Hungarian Film-making (Játékfilmek 1931-1998 - Magyar filmográfia) and the Short History of Hungarian Films from the Beginnings until Today (A magyar film rövid története a kezdetektől napjainkig).


Contact person and programme director: Ms. Vera Gyürey, director of the Hungarian Film Institute in Budapest
(51/b Budakeszi street, H-1021, Budapest, Tel: ++ 36 1 200 8739)


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Budapest 1054 Báthori u. 10.
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