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rom the first there has been present in my work, in whichever genre, a general sense of unease. About how to maintain the existence of the human personality in the world amid the great campaigns of depersonalization. (Sándor Csoóri)

1930 born in Zámoly
1953 his first poems are published in literary journals
1953-56 co-worker at various newspapers and literary journals
1962-63 works as a journalist
1981 Herder Prize
1988 co-editor of the literary and political journal Hitel
1992 editor-in-chief of Hitel

Poet, essayist, novelist, writer of short stories and film scripts for Ferenc Kósa and Sándor Sára. A natural poet, he started writing prose as a part of his struggle for finding modern and authentic ways of expression. His sociographic essays have largely influenced both his readers and other writers in the genre.



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