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ow could man and woman understand each other? They want entirely different things: eachy wants the other. (Frigyes Karinthy)

1887 born in Budapest
1893 his mother died
1906 his first writings are published in various newspapers
1908 he began to write for the Nyugat
1912 his first satiric collections are published
1931 he lectured at various conferences
1938 he died in Siófok

Novelist, journalist, playwright poet and short story writer; he is also very popular for his ingenious translations, especially that of Winnie the Pooh. "To this day Karinthy remains the most serious - and the most popular - of twentieth-century Hungarian authors. He produced plays, poems, short stories, novels, essays and newspaper articles, as well as parodies and grotesque pieces. Yet even Karinthy's most amusing works reflect the cautious realism of a wise humanitarian." (From the jacket of A Journey Round My Skull)



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