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"Why not start at zero? Everything that is is more than nothing. Even an obituary can give life: it enriches our emotional terrain, makes us grateful for one more day, helps us to see life as something given to us. For we are worthless creatures and have nothing whatever coming to us. The fact that we emerge from nothing and return to nothing, the fact that we are alive is in itself a gift, a reciprocal gift, a gift of mutual gain, because in life as in love, giving is receiving. We cannot make a clear-cut distinction between ourselves and those near to us. We establish a symbiotic relationship with our environment in such a way as to merit at least a mental stroll through the realm of the end-in-itself, and as we stroll, we indulge in the idea of having a self-contained purpose. If dust we are and unto dust we shall return, if such is our only trajectory, if we are made in God's image and thus meant to be as perfect as our Heavenly Father, then let us be unique and like unto Him who made us. Life is but a form that becomes visible with the passing of time and the presence of someone desiring to behold it. The challenge is to create a work of the limited time we are given."
(from: The Melancholy of Rebirth, tr. by M. H. Heim)

"In Konrád's later novels this storytelling attitude becomes stronger and more personal, and with the help of an objective tone and attitude he manages to reflect the evolution of modern leftist spirituality in the region."
(Ernő Kulcsár-Szabó)



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