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- 1985 Sátántangó (et. Satan Tango) A novel about a dark and entirely hopeless world, a complex and depressing narrative on dreams, fantasies, the unbearable reality and the state of being human. "Satan Tango is a kind of perpetuum mobile, a mode of being expressed through a chain of delusion and humiliation, for which no one is responsible but which nevertheless exists, and which must bear the burden of various beliefs, hopes and of self-deception." (Péter Balassa)
- 1986 Kegyelmi viszonyok (et. Circumstances of Grace) Short stories.
- 1989 Az ellenállás melankóliája (et. The Melancholy of Resistance) Novel.
- 1992 Az urgai fogoly (et. The Prisoner of Urga) It is his third and most personal novel - a subjective travelogue between Urga (Ulan Bator) and Beijing, and the narrator's quick return to Hungary. The two central episodes of the story (the performance of a Chinese opera and the narrator's long illness) happen in China - these represent another level of the story, concentrating on love and death.
- 1993 A Théseus-általános (et. Theseus Universal) A novel that bears the subtitle Secret Academic Lectures. These orations are delivered by a nameless man to an unspecified audience. The lectures' topic is sorrow. He talks about it in abstract academic terminology, but keeps digressing into his own fantasies and childhood memories. He delivers his second lecture while being kept prisoner by paramilitary police; two more lectures follow on state and people. The novel experiments with order and chaos, abstraction and naturalistic detail.




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Selected short stories in:
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