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ll in all, this is a very monotonous job, to be a writer all the time, but I think that there are others that are even more monotonous, such as... Well, all jobs have their ups and downs, there's no point in offending other people's professional pride.
(Gyula Krúdy)

1878 born in Nyíregyháza
1893 his first short story was published
1895 contributor to a Debrecen newspaper
1914 member of the Petõfi Society
1930 Baumgarten Prize
1897-1933 writes and publishes more than 60 novels, 3000 short stories more than 1000 newspaper articles and four plays
1933 he died in Budapest

Novelist, short story writer and journalist. He introduced a revolutionary new technique which in many respects was the forerunner of the stream-of-consciousness narrative. He has an oeuvre of epic proportions - 86 titles; his style evokes an unquenchable nostalgia for a past that has perhaps never existed.

"There were few outside, actual events in Krúdy's life... he was always conscious of his landed gentry origins yet he preferred the company of the poor, the simple, the dispossessed. He had his roots in the Hungarian countryside and no one could invoke with greater mastery, with subtler colours the puszta, the Great Plains, the wooded hills, the snow-covered winter roads, the small medieval or baroque towns than he. Yet he spent most of his life in the capital... He knew every street, every inn, almost every house. For him Budapest was Paris and London, Rome and New York; I don't think he spent more than a few months of his entire life away from Hungary." (Paul Tabori)



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