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o action, no imagination, no observation. The inner world remained. The wonder of an old store,
of a damaged firewall, of a human face. (Iván Mándy)

1918 born in Budapest
1945 co-edited the literary journal Újhold (New Moon)
1948 Baumgarten Prize
1954 became a freelance writer
1989 editor of the literary journal Holmi
1992 president of the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and the Arts
1969 József Attila Prize
1988 Kossuth Prize
1992 Soros Prize
1995 he died in Budapest

Short story writer, novelist and playwright, he was drawn to the world of out-of-the-way streets, market places, movies and taverns. His style is characterized by a neorealistic tone coupled with rapid changes of scene and an excellent ear for dialogue.
"This is Mándy's country; a poignantly poetical and infinitely evocative fictional rendering of metropolitan decay with its regular components of cobbled streets, of old, dark and rundown apartment blocks, of withered curbside trees in back alleys; a world of boring little cafés with their one-cup-of-coffee-an-afternoon clientele, of small cinemas where only a few old people linger in the vestibule, of pathetic little squares in empty lots, their benches (and the people who seem to have all the time in the world sitting on those benches) slowly rotting away in the cold shade cast by bare sidewalls of derelict houses." (Ferenc Takács)



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