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ut, I thought, now I am finally back. And I looked attentively at the airy nothing that survived.
(Sándor Márai)

1900 born in Kassa
1918 editor at Budapesti Napló
1919 he moved to Berlin, and later to Frankfurt to attend the university
1920 journalist, Frankfurter Zeitung
1945 a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1948 he left Hungary for political reasons
1952 after living in Switzerland and Italy, he settled in New York and later received citizenship in the USA
1952-67 worked for Radio Free Europe
1968 he settled in Salerno, Italy
1968 he moved to San Diego
1989 he died in San Diego
1990 he received posthumous Kossuth Prize

Novelist, short story and memoir writer, poet, journalist and playwright. A true cosmopolitan, he was a protector of civil values; he died in exile, and his later writings could only be published in Hungary after the downfall of Communism. His work can be related to that of Thomas Mann and Gyula Krúdy. "This is the Hungarian middle-class whose way of life I was born into, observed, came to know and scrutinised in all its features to the very roots, and now I see the whole disintegrating. Perhaps this is my life's, my writing's sole duty: to delineate the course of this disintegration." (Sándor Márai)



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