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oday, too, I am inspired by Pascal, who had the excess of energy to occupy himself with the planning of transportation for Paris in addition to his questions about the existence of God. (Miklós Mészöly)

1921 born in Szekszárd
1942 finished his studies at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University Budapest
1943-44 soldier
1947-51 newspaper editor
in Szekszárd
1951-52 script editor for the
Puppet Theater in Budapest
1952 freelance writer
1992 founding member of the Széchenyi Academy of Arts

Writes novels, short stories, poems, children's tales, essays and plays.

"As an innovator and experimenter, Mészöly's emphasis has always been on writing as an intellectual or philosophical activity. His novels and short stories are concerned with the paradoxical relationship experience has to its fictional transmutation and the enigmatic results of this transmutation. In this he has some significant affinity with postwar experimental literature elsewhere as his consistently self-reflexive concern with the epistemology and ethics of the literary act has its counterpart in the French nouveau roman or in American 'Postmodernist' fiction. He also represents certain welcome virtues; in all his work he is a writer of muted poise, sparse elegance and quiet self-discipline, in marked contrast with the general tendency in recent Hungarian experimental fiction of gravitating towards conspicuous excess, verbal and technical exuberance and indulgent 'bigness' in general." (Ferenc Takács)



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