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rticulating what happens would therefore mean that in the narrative it will exist only as its own absence.
(Péter Nádas)

1942 born in Budapest
1961-63 studies journalism and photography
1965-69 works as a journalist at a Budapest magazine
1965 his first stories are published in the literary journal "Új Írás"
1982 guest of the DAAD Artist's Program in Berlin
1991 receives the Prize for European Literature from the Austrian Government
1996 Leipzich Book Prize
1997 Kossuth Prize

He writes novels, short stories, essays, film scripts and plays.

"Seldom has a contemporary author registered instances of human vulnerability and emotional idiosyncrasies with such seismographic precision. His own vulnerability is ever-present and at the same time critically reflected upon. Literally nothing escapes Nádas' attention; this is as true as the complete absence of ideology. His is the patience of an observer and portraist who from the outset discredits preconceived opinions and rigid thought structures."
(Neue Züricher Zeitung)



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