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don't believe that poetry is a care package dropped from a helicopter among those in a bad way. The poem, like a bloodhound, is driven by its instincts after the wounded prey. But the latter will change form and essence on the run... It cajoles, with a reasonable image of the future, a passion for gambling.
(Ottó Orbán)

1936 born in Budapest
1944 after his father's death he was sent to an institute, became a child-prodigy
1954-59 studied Hungarian philology and librarianship at University but did not complete his degree
from 1960 has worked as a freelance writer
from 1981 has been on the staff of the literary review Kortárs in Budapest
1987-88 taught in the United States as Guest Professor at the University of Minnesota.
1992 Kossuth Prize

Ottó Orbán writes poetry, essays, travelogues, has translated extensively from a number of languages, including English. In Hungary he is particularly renowned for translating the American Beat poets: he translated Ginsberg's Howl.



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