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- 1928-30 first individually published poems
- 1930 Pogány köszöntő (et. Pagan Invocation) Early poetry in expressionist tone, composed in free verse, evocative of visionary images.
- 1931 Újmódi pásztorok éneke (et. The Song of the New-Fashioned Shepherds)
- 1933 Lábadozó szél (et. Convalescent Wind) A distinct shift toward surrealism. The poems "exhibit an astonishingly impressive poetic development: new configuration of images, new rhythms, new tonalities - in sum, a new and powerful voice in Hungarian lyrics." (Zsuzsanna Ozsváth)
- 1935 Új Hold (et. New Moon)
- 1936 Járkálj csak, halálraítélt (et. Just Walk On, Condemned to Die) New and powerful experiences of contemporary French poetry and culture, a political undertone.
- 1938 Meredek út (et. Steep Road)
- 1940 Ikrek hava (et. Under Gemini) - A prose memoir.
- 1946 Tajtékos ég (et. 1992 Foamy Sky) - posthumous volume of poetry.
He articulated the anguish of the threatened and persecuted individual in classical form, creating work of great compassion and beauty.
- 1989 Napló (et. Diary)




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Foamy Sky, The Major Poems of Miklós Radnóti. Selected and translated by Zsuzsanna Ozsváth and Frederick Turner, with an Introduction by Zs. Ozsváth and a Translator's Note by F. Turner. Princeton UP, Princeton, New Jersey, 1992.
33 Poems. translated by Thomas Ország-Land, Maecenas, Budapest, 1992.
Last Poems from a Nazi Lager. Translated by Peter Zollman, Babel, Surrey, 1994.
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French. Tr. by Jean-Luc Moreau,
Paris: Oswald, 1975.
Polish: Warsaw: Czytelnik, 1974.


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Macdonald, 1976.
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The Corvina Book of Hungarian Verse, Budapest: Corvina Books Ltd., 1997.


Complete poetry in other languages:
Ausgewählte Gedichte. Tr. by Markus Bieler, Budapest: Corvina, 1979.
Erőltetett menet in Russian, German, Czech, Serbo-Croatian, Italian and Slovakian translation


Selected poetry in other languages:
Firenze: Samsoni, 1958.
Novi Sad: Forum, 1961.
Roma: Sciascia, 1964.
Prague: Mlada Fronta, 1964.
Tel Aviv: Hápoel Hácári, 1966.
Berlin: Volk und Welt, 1967.
Tel Aviv: Éked, 1971.
Vilnius: Vaga, 1972.
Bucharest: Albatros, 1974.
Riga: Liesma,1976.
Bor: Narodna biblioteke, 1979.
Krakow: Wyd Literackie, 1980.
Sofija: Narodna kultura, 1983.
Tübingen-Budapest: AS Val-Corvina, 1984.
Murska Sobota-Ljubljana-Budapest: Drzavna zalzba, Slovenije, Európa, 1984.
Moscow: Hudoz. Lit., 1988.
Berlin: Oberbaum, 1993.
Istanbul: Yordam Kitaplan, 1997.


Anthologies in other languages
Poeti ungheresi del novecento.
Roma: Lucarini, 1990.



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