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or me, visuality seems to be
less controlled than words.
I have just made this theory up.
It might well be nonsense.
(Zsuzsa Rakovszky)

1950 born in Sopron
1970-75 studied Hungarian and English Literature at the Eötvös University in Budapest
1975-82 working as a librarian
1982-86 reader for the Helikon Publishing House
from 1986 freelance poet and translator
1988 won the Attila József Prize
1988-89 spent a year in London on a poetry scholarship sponsored by the Soros Foundation
1990 guest of the International Writers' Program in Iowa
1994 a guest of Poetry International

A poet, often writing dramatic monologues, she has translated widely from the poetry of Great Britain, Canada and The USA. "Temperamentally she draws a little on the confessional tradition of Sylvia Plath (readers might recognize a few echoes of both Plath and Emily Dickinson in some earlier poems), but her real affinity lies with Lowell, Jarrell and, for English readers, a poet like Carol Ann Duffy, though she is of a more intellectual cast of mind and presents a more fragile persona than the last." (George Szirtes)



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