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n what sense do I wear civilization? Could it be any more than a shirt covering my breast?
(Magda Szabó)

1917 born in Debrecen
1935-40 received her teacher's diploma as a Latin-Hungarian major at Lajos Kossuth University Debrecen
1940-45 taught at the Protestant Girl's Boarding School in Debrecen
1945 civil servant at the Ministry of Religion and Public Education
1950-59 works as a teacher and then as a freelance writer
1959 Attila József Prize
1978 Lajos Kossuth Prize

Writes novels, short stories, children's and juvenile literature, plays, film scripts and essays; translates from English and Spanish. She has completed more than forty works and was translated into thirty languages. Her style is analytical yet passionate; she opposes in her novels the clash between old and new value systems and describes with a great psychological insight the powers that formed the fate of her characters, often centering on women trying to keep their independence and dignity through historical and domestic turmoils.



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