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- 1947 Bárány (et. Lamb) Poems.
- 1949 Vissza az emberig (et. Back Towards Man) Poems. She quickly established her reputation as a poet with these two volumes of bold and powerful verse on war and the fragility of man in an alien world. She was to receive the prestigious Baumgarten Prize for her poetry in 1949, but it was withheld for political reasons.
- 1950 Freskó (et. Fresco) A novel on a young woman and her struggles as an artist. The book is a series of intertwined interior monologues presenting the stream of consciousness of the members of an old puritan family gathered for a funeral; family history unfolds and lies are exposed.
- 1959 Az őz (et. 1963 The Fawn) The novel is the interior monologue of a woman, slowly disclosing the secrets of her life and her desperate attempts at love and happiness.
- 1960 Disznótor (et. 1965 Night of the Pig-Killing) A novel of passion, murder, poverty and corruption - a family tragedy related in interior monologues.
- 1963 Pilátus (et. Pilate) A novel on the country gentry.
- 1964 Danaida (et. Danaid) Novel.
- 1967 Alvók futása (et. The Run of the Sleepers) Short stories. The theme and the symbolic elements of the stories resemble that of the novels: family history, death, human relations.
- 1968 Zeusz küszöbén (et. On the Treshold of Zeus) A travelogue on Greece.
- 1969 Katalin utca (et. Katalin Street) A novel on the relation of three families during the world war. The Katalin street becomes the central symbol in the book, representing youth and a past that is lost, and the dead that are still part of the characters' life.
- 1970 Ókút (et. An Ancient Well) A novel composed of the memories of the writer about her parents and her magical childhood.
- 1971 Régimódi történet (et. Old-Fashioned Story) A family novel - a careful and objective analysis of Szabó's own family history, discovering all the secrets and trying to understand the motivations and actions of people long dead. It is one of the first books in Hungary openly dealing with women's sexuality.
- 1975 Az órák és a farkasok (et. The Hours and the Wolves) Dramas.
- 1987 Az ajtó (et. 1995 The Door) A novel; it is the portrait of Emerence, an elderly woman with a sad and tragic life. The book is both a historical document and a moving story about endurance and resolution.
- 1992 A félistenek szomorúsága (et. The Sadness of the Demi-gods) Essays.




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In other languages:

Karnaval - tr. by Ulia Krumova, Sofia: Otecestvo, 1987.
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Stirna - tr. by Janina Isganaityte - Vilnius: Vyturys, 1990.
Haofer - tr. by Hamar Yaoz-Kest, Tel Aviv: Eked, 1994.



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