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- 1967 Töredék Hamletnek (et. Fragment for Hamlet) Poetry reduced to its most essential components while focusing on existence and vital emotions.
- 1973 Egy talált tárgy megtisztítása (et. Cleansing of a Found Object) Poems. A wide range of themes and formal experimentation, the first postmodern collection in Hungary.
- 1977 Itt éjszaka koalák járnak (et. Koalas Pass Here at Night) Stories.
- 1981 Az erősebb lét közelében (et. Near a Stronger Existence) Essays on poetry and poetics.
- 1988 Meghalni késő, élni túl korán (Too Late to Die, Too Early to Live) Novel.
- 1991 Koppar Köldüs (Koppenhagen, Paris, Köln, Düsseldorf) Poems. The title plays a pun on the words 'barren beggar'.
- 1995 Madárzsoké (et. Bird-jockey) Prose.
- 1996 Evidenciatörténetek (et. Stories of Evidence) A deeply personal book, a kind of a diary, with miscellaneous writings - puns, quotations, wordplay, anecdotes and notes on poems, sparrows, music, teddy-bears, horses, lonely wanderings and suicide. As the jacket says: "If you are happy to be alive, your life must be much less than happy" (Dezső Tandori)
- 1997 Kész és félkész katasztrófák (et. Rough and Ready) A sequel to the
previous book, this is again a funny, philosophical and deeply tragic account on a lonely and exceptional man. Like the previous diary, this book is filled with Tandori's unusual, enigmatic drawings. On the flap, Tandori gives an explanation to the title: "If today's rough and ready, be ready for tomorrow. It'll be rough."
- 1997 A vízre írt név (et. The Name Writ on Water) Drawings.
- 1998 Vér és virághab (et. Blood and Flower Foam) Novel.
- 1998 Mr. & Tandori. Drawings.




Birds and Other Relations. Selected Poems (bilingual edition, translated
by Bruce Berlind) - Princeton, 1986.

selected poems in:
Ocean at the Window, ed. Albert Tezla (Minnesota UP, Minneapolis, 1980).

The Colonnade of Teeth. Modern Hungarian Poetry, edited by George Gömöri
and George Szirtes, Newcastle upon Tyne: Bloodaxe Books, 1996.

"Please Forgive Me". Introduction to The Smell of Humans, a memoir of
the Holocaust in Hungary by Ernő Szép, tr. by John Bátki, CEU Press, 1994.

Selected short stories in:
Auteurs hongrois d'aujourd'hui.
Paris: In fine and Budapest: Corvina, 1996.

Stafette. Prose and poetry, tr. by Ch. Rácz. Wieser, Klagenfurt, 1994.

Langer Sarg in aller Kuerze. Evidenzgeschichten tr. by Hans-Henning Paetzke.
Zürich : Ammann, 1997.

Startlampe ohne Bahn. Tr. by Christine Racz - Graz ;
Wien - Literaturverl. Droschl, 1994



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