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think it is the duty of the poet to obtain citizenship for an increasing horde of nameless emotions.
(Ágnes Nemes Nagy)

1922 born in Budapest
1940-45 studied Hungarian and Latin at Pázmány Péter University Budapest
1944-45 civilian resistance work during World War II
1946-48 member of the literary group publishing the journal Újhold (New Moon)
from 1948 silenced for political reasons
1953-58 teacher of literature in secondary school
from 1958 a freelance writer
1979 guest of the International Writing Program of The University of Iowa with her husband, the critic Bálázs Lengyel
1983 Kossuth Prize
1993 died in Budapest

Poet, essayist, literary critic, lecturer, author of children's books, she translated extensively from German (Vogelweide, Rilke, Brecht), French (Corneille, Hugo, Mallarmé, Saint-John Perse), English (Shelley, Whitman, Eliot, S. Keyes) and Latin (Horatius, Tibullus).



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